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Uganda Birding Tours Open (Covid-19)

Uganda Birding Tours Open After COVID-19

Uganda Birding Tours Open (Covid-19)



Uganda is now open for tourist travel. The Savanah, woodlands and thickets, aquatic and forest habitats are out of the lockdown, and their amazing birds and other fascinating wildlife are healthy. Uganda’s warmly smiling people are back to everyday life while observing the set SOPs by the Ministry of Health and World Health Organisation.

The Avian Safaris office team is now taking new bookings, and the field guides are set to take you to those unique habitats for exotic wildlifeClick to see the guiding team.

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Wildlife Holiday

Africa Lion

Uganda Birding Tour Covid-19 Opening –  Uganda’s preventative approach to COVID-19 kept safe and provided an excellent opportunity for the government to sensitise the locals. Now it is a reasonably safe destination, thanks to its strict measures to control the worldwide healthcare crisis. There are also many precautions in place to ensure everybody’s safety, including tracking infections, early detection of possible outbreaks, and endless sensitisation to the local communities. Uganda has 56 officially recognised tribes/languages, the Ministry of Health publishes literature on COVID-19 in these languages to reach the targeted communities. Click see to see the Ministry of Health. 

Safety approach in tourist services

All tourist services like accommodation facilities and safari vehicles are applying safety protocols based on guidelines created by the Ministry of Health, working together with public and private tourism organisations. Click here for first-hand information on the main measures and recommendations in the different tourist services by the Uganda Tourism Board as directed by the Ministry of Health. 


Shoebill (Africa’s most sought after bird

Can I travel from my country to Uganda?

Yes, now you can travel to Uganda from any part of the world. However, the health crisis may temporarily modify the reciprocal agreements for accepting visitors, and we recommend always checking the requirements and recommendations of your home country. The Uganda Ministry of Health keeps its website updated about the COVID-19 progress in Uganda, and this should keep you update ahead of your tour (Click here)

Best Uganda Birds Tour

Variable Sunbird

Do I need to do any paperwork before travelling?

Now that vaccines have successfully been invented and administration has started, we are hoping for the best. You must not travel to Uganda if you show any symptoms relating to COVID-19. Without a COVID-19 vaccination certificate, the port authority requires a negative PCR test done three days before arrival to Uganda. Or, you will do a PCR test at your cost on arrival in Uganda. These procedures are mandatory at all of Uganda’s entry points. 


Avian Safaris is working to offer you a safe holiday. 

Mandatory wearing of masks

Every person above six years of age must wear a mask in all public spaces and on the safari vehicle transport. Masks are the only compulsory protective equipment.

Regular hand wash or sanitising?

While you are free to be anywhere in Uganda, your guides will encourage you to regularly wash or sanitise your hands mostly wherever there is contact with other travellers or locals. 

Your guide will have sanitiser in the car for all the time of the tour.

In the safari vehicle

As well as the general measures, tourist may not change seats after the day’s journey has started. The guide will disinfect the vehicle every day in preparation for the next day. 

Uganda Birding Safari Vehicle

A group on tour before COVID-19.

What we want you to do at a personal level

The most important measure is to behave responsibly and follow all obligations and recommendations. We also recommend limiting your contacts as much as possible, restricting them to the same people, and avoiding gatherings. You can do a few simple things in your daily routine, which will make a significant contribution to protecting everybody’s health. Wash your hands often, with soap and water for not less than 20 seconds—cough or sneeze into the crook of your elbow, covering your mouth and nose. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth, and avoid handling your mask unnecessarily. Use disposable tissues and throw them away after a single use, in a bin or wastepaper basket. If you start having symptoms of the virus, avoid physical contact with other people, and inform the guide to help find a local healthcare authority. Always remember the need for social distancing and avoid shaking hands, hugs or kisses when greeting others. Uganda Birding Tour Covid-19 Opening


Medical assistance if you suspect having COVID-19

Yes. In Uganda, emergency healthcare is guaranteed in all cases and is provided in hospitals and some health centres. If the healthcare authorities suspect you are infected, they may require you to take a test, and recommend self-isolation.

After your tour

If you are travelling by plane, It is important to get your boarding pass online before going to the airport. We recommend three hours early arrival because the security checks and check-in process may be slower than usual.

Your destination country will probably ask you for a record of your flight. We recommend checking the healthcare and documentation requirements of the country you are travelling to.

You will also be required to do a PCR test before arriving at the airport for your departure flight. 

Uganda Birding Tour Covid-19

Kivu Ground Thrush (Geokichla piaggiae tanganicae). – Uganda Birding Tour COVID-19 Opening

At departure at the airport 

Entebbe International Airport authority follows the same hygiene measures and social distancing requirements as the rest of the world. There is regular disinfection availability, signs indicating the correct distance between people, one-way routes and limited capacity spaces and frequent cleaning and disinfection of transit spaces. Also, most airlines have restricted the amount of cabin baggage allowed, check with you airlines company to be sure.  Uganda Birding Tour COVID-19 Opening

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