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New Born Gorilla Baby

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New Born Gorilla Baby

New Born Gorilla Baby

New Born Gorilla Baby – The planned launch of Oruzogo mountain gorilla group for tourism has got a boost following the birth of two new babies in the family last week.

Tibirikwata, the dominant Silverback made sure his family is viable and a formidable force in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest ahead of the coming season when hundreds of human friends flock to southwestern  Uganda to meet their closest cousins. New Born Gorilla Baby

Information from the forest indicates that the proud mothers are the cute adult females Birungi and Mutesi, although the sex of the two babies is yet to be established. The new babies join the posse of other infants, Buchura and Kanywani, who is Kakobe’s baby.
Rangers habituating the gorilla group have almost completed the task of naming all the 16 individuals except the three infants who are currently known by their mothers’ identities like Mutesi baby or Birungi baby.
Other individuals in the group include Busungu (Meaning short tampered), Kashundwe, Nyakiina, Kaganga (the giant one), Otaka, Bwoba (the coward) Karimi (tongue) Kiromba, Katooto (the small one), Kanywani (friendly), Kakobe who looks like a monkey and Buchura referring to the youngest or last born before the two newest babies came forth.

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