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Kidepo – East and Northeastern Uganda Birding – A hot-selling new Destination

Birding Kidepo Valley Uganda

Kidepo – East and Northeastern Uganda Birding – A hot-selling new Destination

Kidepo – East and Northeastern Uganda Birding – Hot-selling New Destination

Beautiful country tourism roads, one thing I must credit the Uganda Government for. Exploring the East and Northeast of Uganda has been slow because of the roads, now they are fixed. The birds and reptiles down and up there are very tempting to see. If you have only done the West and Southwest, the birds here are the kind that will make you feel like you haven’t birded Africa’s birding capital. The Avian Safaris’ team often checks out the remote locations in an effort to discover and create new birding itineraries.


Red-and-Yellow Barbet

Since 2012, we have repeatedly visited the remote parts of Karamoja, and every time we go back, things prove to have gotten much better. A couple of decent accommodation facilities have been set up with the typical smile-faced Uganda staff and delicious food.

The roads also improve every day, birding in Uganda continues to become more fun.

Kidepo east northeastern Uganda birding

Road from Soroti to Moroto


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