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Entebbe Botanical Gardens Birding

Entebbe Botanical Gardens Birding

Entebbe Botanical Gardens Birding

The last time I visited the Entebbe Botanical Gardens Birding was last June. Evergreen and lively gardens in the middle of an urban setting. A surrounding too urban to expect tropical primary forest wildlife like Mantled Guereza and gigantic fruit-feeding birds like the Great Blue Turaco and Black-and-white-casqued Hornbills. That June, most of the lower part hard submerged! You know we have experienced a reasonably unusual rise in the mighty Lake Victoria’s water level for over a year now. Thanks to December, January, February and March dry season, the lower part is drying, and this means excellent birding along the shower line. This brings back all the good feeling at the beginning of post-COVID-19 average Uganda Birding Tour (three weeks to be precise).

Where to Watch Birds in Entebbe

Green-backed-Camaroptera at Entebbe

All the excellent birding starts here; and today, among the stunners that showed up included my favourite of all times; the Black-headed Gonolek, a red-and-black member of the notoriously musical Bush-shrike family. Entebbe Botanical Gardens Birding

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