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We are very flexible and want you to get the most out of your birding time. Just tell us exactly what you have in mind, and we will be happy to arrange something for you.

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African Golden Cat – Uganda Safari

Uganda Safari

African Golden Cat – Uganda Safari

Our tours are primarily birding adventures, and that is because we know and believe it is worth to spend lots of hours out there observing how crafty nature was at evolution. There are countless lives of other wild animals below the magnificent birds. Some so beautiful while others rise alien curiosity to the bird watchers. Our tours have evolved into typical birding and nature tours for such backgrounds. This is part of our everyday life that even when we the guides are spending a year or more at home because of COVID-19, we sneak out to nearby wildlife conservation facilities.

African Golden Cat

African Golden Cat – Uganda Safari

African Golden Cat – I visited the Conservation Through Commercialisation facility at Mpigi following an invite for one of the days, only one hour drive from Kampala. Vantaged at the top of one of Mpigi nicely green looking hills has become a home to several very unique African Wildlife some of which one will never see in a row of over ten trips in the wilderness. In this brief article, I share a photo of the African Wild Cat, which is probably Africa’s most rare cat. Other beautiful animals we saw include; A white African Lion, Serval Cats including a rare morph that has mostly been recorded in West Africa, Caracal, African Pal Civet, and Bat-eared Fox.

Uganda Botany Tour

BlackJack (Biden Pilosa)

All this African Golden Cat happiness, thanks to Olive Holly Akello the Snake Girl of Uganda. Olive invited me with my family and several other returns at will and added to that a wonderful experience of walking me around the animals with her workmates’ team. All very passionate about wildlife, bringing all the confidence one needs to pick a hungry lion’s teeth.

An awesome close-up experience with some of Africa’s most lethal snakes. There is no doubt that this definitely a place a herpetologist wants to be.

Uganda Herpetology Tour


Snakes of Uganda

Gabon Viper on an Uganda Herpetology Tour

Uganda Snake Tour

Great Lakes Bush Viper on an Uganda Herpetology Tour

We will be including a visit to this facility on request to catch up with some amazing photos of exotic wildlife.

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