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November 2021

AUGUST 2021 18 DAY UGANDA BIRDING AND NATURE TRIP REPORT  Dates: July 31 to August 17, 2021 Trip Report and all photos by Crammy Wanyama 2021 Uganda Birding Report - Half of the participants on this tour had done a Ugandan tour two years back. On the previous trip, we focused on the westerly circuit. Therefore, this time being an avid and well-travelled birding team, our primary focus was on the east and northeast to find specialities of the Somali-Masai biome but with interest in the west catch up with

Kenya Birding Trip Report - Four years back, we did an Uganda tour of about the same number of days, nearly a clean sweep of the whole list expected in the country. After an extensive inventory from several African countries, the team had a target list in Kenya. For 25 days, the focus was on less than a quarter of the Kenyan birds, which explains how travelled the team was. However, being keen birders and naturalists, we still loved looking at every one of those seen in the

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