Avian Safaris Uganda

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February 2021

A beautiful sunny day start and all morning and evening pleasant weather for a dry season on a Mabamba Shoebill Tour. Comfortable for birding, we could not wish for more. We hit the short drive to one of the world’s two top sites for finding the Shoebill; a giant bird that birdwatchers like to describe as prehistoric. The Mabamba wetlands are only a small portion of the extensive marshes surrounding Africa’s largest freshwater body; Lake Victoria. These shallow muddy marshes have attracted an endless list of aquatic wildlife,

The last time I visited the Entebbe Botanical Gardens Birding was last June. Evergreen and lively gardens in the middle of an urban setting. A surrounding too urban to expect tropical primary forest wildlife like Mantled Guereza and gigantic fruit-feeding birds like the Great Blue Turaco and Black-and-white-casqued Hornbills. That June, most of the lower part hard submerged! You know we have experienced a reasonably unusual rise in the mighty Lake Victoria's water level for over a year now. Thanks to December, January, February and March dry season,

Our tours are primarily birding adventures, and that is because we know and believe it is worth to spend lots of hours out there observing how crafty nature was at evolution. There are countless lives of other wild animals below the magnificent birds. Some so beautiful while others rise alien curiosity to the bird watchers. Our tours have evolved into typical birding and nature tours for such backgrounds. This is part of our everyday life that even when we the guides are spending a year or more at

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